Freeze Dried Raspberries


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About Product

100% pure raspberry. No added sweeteners or preservatives. 

These raspberries are loaded with the same vitamins and flavour as fresh raspberries.

From an organic source. Non GMO. Product of Serbia.


To Use

Open the package and discard oxygen absorber. *Do not consume oxygen absorber.

Enjoy as a convenient snack, add in granola, yogurt, smoothies, ice cream, or to your favourite dessert!

For other applications, hydrate by soaking in water for 5-10 mins. Warm water works best. Drain water, enjoy!

Unused product can be resealed in the original bag or placed in a glass jar. Once opened, consume as soon as possible for product freshness.


Storage and Shelf Life

No refrigeration is required. Store in a cool & dry place.

*Shelf life may vary on packaging and storage conditions. Clear front bags have approximately a one-year shelf life unopened. Full mylar bags have up to a 25-year shelf life unopened.

Note that these raspberries are in clear front packaging. 

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